140924 SHINee「I’m Your Boy」event
  • MC: Let's talk about your favorite food in Japan.
  • JH: Recently... Udon. (pats Onew) You ate that right?
  • Onew: Yes... I ate udon.
  • JH: That's right. You ate it alone right? Left the members behind, went out alone and ate with your friends. Right??
  • Onew: Sigh. That's right.
  • JH: You're a betrayer right?
  • MH: Betrayer! Betrayer Onew!!
  • Onew: I..... am... not..... ^^


[SCAN] SHINee- ‘I’m Your Boy’

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Ya’ll don’t understand.  He was in.the.middle. of a performance during the SMA’s & his ear buds died.  He pulled them out while dancing & that’s him taking the whole pack off.

He had to finish up, hit that high note, &  keep up with the “Everybody” choreography with no sound pumping into his ear. 


Q: Who is the funniest member?
All: Onew and Jonghyun.
Minho: Together, they are a mighty force.
Taemin: It’s like watching a gag program.

shinee teaching you how to eat in class

shinee teaching you how to eat in class


choi (jangshin) siblings ♥

SHINee - 「Downtown Baby
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